Our Story

Why Catch the Happy?

This is us. We are Catch the Happy. We believe that each of us can make a difference. We believe in being happy and passing that happy along. Get it? You Catch the Happy and then you can Pass the Happy along to someone else. It's a form of paying the Happy forward. It's contagious! CTH Family

We are Passing the Happy by the sale of items on our site. They make fun, happy designs that make us smile. Our hope is that they will make others smile too. By wearing the clothes and having these items you can Pass the Happy. After all, you've already caught it.

Why are we trying to be so Happy. In four words.... Life is to short. Every one of us have difficulties in life. As we say in our house, you can't control everything that happens around you but you can control how you react to it.  

In our case John found out a few years ago that he had stage IV tonsil cancer. Tonsil cancer is a very fast growing cancer. The good news about that (if there is any) is that it is weak. It grows fast but is easier to destroy than some other cancers. The bad news about that (besides the obvious) is that the treatments are extremely brutal.  Without going into the gory details, we all made it through the rough times. Fast forward eight years, just as we were living as we were supposed to, John was diagnosed with a second cancer. This time in the bladder. We went through those treatments and cleared that cancer up too. So far so good!!

Not only did we realize how fortunate these experiences made us but we also learned how fragile life can be. We wanted to reach out in our own way and make a difference. This website is the start to making that difference.

For every sale made on this site a standard 10% will get donated to Flashes of Hope. This incredible organization helps families of children and adolescents that have cancer. Additionally we will be running Flashes of Hope months where every order placed on our website will result in a shirt for one of the children or adolescents stricken with cancer.  

Please help out in any way you can. Let's Catch the Happy and Pass the Happy together. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Now, browse the site and enjoy!

Catch The Happy (Dana, John, Avery and Gracie)