Protecting Happiness

Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of Happiness just to be Happy.  Let's protect it!  The more we protect it, the more we can pass it around.

Projecting Positivity

Think of yourself as a superhero.  The Projector of Positivity.  Now that you've read this, it is your responsibility to project and serve.  If you see anyone abusing Positivity, throw them a smile.  That's all you have to do.  Pretty easy, hu? (it's natural too!)

About Us

We believe, not only in the pursuit of Happiness but passing it along to others.  It's every man, woman and child's right.  If anyone tries to tell you differently, they are wrong.  Follow what you are looking for. 

Take us for example. We wanted to not only be Happy but spread our brand of Happiness through the products you see on this site.  Hopefully, you like them and they make you Happy.  By you having and wearing these products you can smile not only with your mouth but with your clothes and accessories.  Spread the Happiness because nothing brings about smiles and Happiness like more smiles and Happiness!