Wishing you Happy Holidays

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Catch the Happy wishes you Happy Holidays.  This is the time of the year where many around the world celebrate the holidays by spending time with family.  A great way to spend time!

Then there is that thing called holiday stress. It can rear it's ugly head for many reasons such as cooking, visiting, preparing the house for guests or being with that special family member who you just don't see eye to eye with.

We'd like to share this slideshow we made to relieve your stress and continue your enjoyment of the holidays. Turn up your volume for the complete, relaxing experience.

Some background on it...  Every day when I come home from work my artistic wife has two stuffed animals in different scenes on our bed. It's like coming home to a luxurious resort every day.

May you enjoy the holidays, have a prosperous and Catchy 2019. We hope the video makes you SMILE.



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