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Occasionally we will highlight a person or business we come across that embodies what Catch The Happy stands for.  We'll ask them a few questions then share those answers with you.  We can all learn from these keepers of happiness.  These are the type of people who, by having this joy, give it to others in what they do and how they act.

Our first ever Happy Spotlight goes to Nikki Stahurski. She is the owner of Organics Salon in Medina's Sola Salon.   She uses Oway products in an effort to make her Salon the best in Cleveland. Nikki emanates that happiness we talk about.  You can't help but leave her studio in a great mood. Besides the great hair style she'll give you, her words of wisdom and observations in life are addicting to listen to. In our recent visit to her we asked her a few simple questions.  Here is what Nikki had to say.

Why do you do what you do?

I like to make people feel good. I feel the more beautiful you feel the more confident you can be in life.  At one time, I considered being a Therapist because I like talking with people and helping them out.  Well, that's what I do here while I make them look beautiful.

What makes you happy with what you do?

One of the best feelings I get is when I see people feel good about themselves and my part in it.  That is the rewarding part of what I do.  I also try to bring the best hair products to people.  That's why I partnered with  Oway. They use only the healthiest, most natural and ecological materials and ingredients in their products. 

How do you keep a positive attitude?

I do a lot of journaling and listening to positive podcasts. The journaling helps me get my feelings out. There are times that I'm surprised after I write a journal entry that I reread it. It's refreshing for me to do.

Some of the positive podcasts I listen to are.

  • Highest Self. The hostess, Sahara Rose loves to make spiritual and Ayurvedic wisdom fun and relatable.
  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty.  Jay has fascinating conversations with some of the most insightful people in the world.
  • Goal Digger is a live-workshop style business podcast that helps people redefine success and chase bolder dreams.

Another way I keep a positive attitude is to talk with people who truly care about me.  These people are the backbone of my life and keep me going.  They have my best interest in their hearts.

You must visit Nikki at Organics Salon to get your hair done and visit her for some great conversation.

Thanks Nikki for the spending the afternoon with us.  Can't wait to see you again soon!




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