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You’ve seen our clothing and apparel. It’s about spreading happiness through your clothing. Catch the Happy is excited to bring you a new way to Catch some Happy with a new product line. We’ve been working on this new line for months because we believe it’s a great opportunity to expose unique artwork to you. The new line will bring you hope and inspiration through Haitian Metal Artwork. These breathtaking pieces of hammered metal art are made by artists in Haiti. They make their living by creating these stunning works of art. Buying them directly helps support the artists.  

These artists take oil drums and upcycle them into astounding art.  Most island nations, including Haiti, import oil as their sole source of energy. Oil drums stack up by the thousands throughout the Caribbean.  The clever Haitian artists are renowned for recycling these oil containers and creating artwork with them. They started by creating beautiful grave markers and have since branched out into a more accessible art that Catch the Happy is excited to make available for you.

Browse our Haitian Art catalog to view what we have available.  We will get new pieces every few months and are looking forward to our continued partnership with the artists at the island of Haiti.  If you have a special request, symbol or image you are looking for, reach out to us.  We'll see if we can get it created as Haitian artwork.

We use Free Trade policies for all products from Haiti. This benefits the artists even more!  Thanks for your support.

Have a Happy Day!

-- Catch the Happy


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